• Bailey, J. & England, D. (2014) Lancashire Folk Tales. Stroud: The History Press.

Conference & symposia papers


  • Forthcoming poem: “Protactinium” in My Dear Watson - the Very Elements of Poetry anthology edited by Rebecca Irvine, being published autumn 2015
  • “Matilda” in Stirred Poetry: Eugenia Loli ekphrastic poem
  • “Polar Bear Hunting” and “The Owl and The Raven: An Inuit Legend” in Loose Muse Spring 2014 Anthology
  • “When the piece is over please don”t forget to applaud” on Royal Philharmonic Society Website”s Notes Into Letters project (2013)
  • “How to say I love you in an age of technological indifference” and “Olympian” in blankpages 46, (Blank Media Collective, 2012)
  • “Snowflakes” on the 2011 Poetry Advent Calendar
  • “Epitaph” a sequence poem in Electric Sky Anthology (Bad Language Manchester, 2011),
  • “Leaves” and “Closure” in Best of Manchester Poets volumes 1 and 3 (Puppywolf, 2010 & 2013),
  • “Dancing on Ice” Hammer & Tongue Climate Change CD Recording (Hammer & Tongue, 2008)
  • “Green to Gold” in The Nail Poetry Magazine (Oxford-based zine published by Dave Todd, 2005)

Short stories

  • “The Beast” in Monsters edited by Sarah Grace Logan, 2013.
  • “Veins that carried blood and water”, first prize for Manchester Climate Monthly short story competition, 2013.


Other writing

  • I currently write book reviews for Starburst Science Fiction Magazine. I have written for various publications including: Ethical Consumer (Climate Change page), Wild Times - the RSPB Children”s Magazine (“Springtime Singtime”), D+C Journal (“Vague, Voluntary and Unenforceable: The Global Compact”), and Corporate Watch (various pieces around corporate power, public services privatisation, and gold mining). I have also written song lyrics for Vanessa Lewis, a singer-songwriter based in Bath, UK.