Press & Testimonials

While writing [for Corporate Watch Worker's Co-operative] Jennie tackled her subject matter with passion and dedication, which lead to solid pieces of journalism. She is great at working in a team environment, everyone loves being around her, as she brings light and joy wherever she goes. Her natural charm (and her glorious tea making skills) made our working space at Corporate Watch a happier one.

Jeannie Paldan, Web Mistress & Layout Artist, Corporate Watch

It was a pleasure to work with Jennie Bailey on the Postcards from Preston project. She was enthusiastic about the idea from the start and worked hard to initiate the project. Jennie’s role was to mentor Philippa Merricks, Deafway’s animateur, through an interpreter in order to equip Philippa with the necessary skills to deliver storytelling workshops unaided. Jennie could not have been more supportive of Philippa’s development and even set up a storytelling workshop specifically for Philippa to witness. Jennie went above and beyond to provide resources and ensure the success of the project. She is committed, personable and professional; I would highly recommend her for any future work and would gladly work with Jennie again if the opportunity arose.

Nathalie Boobis, They Eat Culture